Here's some stuff which people have said about HMK...

Keith Richards:
In those days, the mid 70s, about the only thing I remember listening to is the Heavy Metal Kids…

Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) on tour in Japan, talking to his hosts:
"Could you go out and get me some HEAVY METAL KIDS CDs, please?"

Alice Cooper:
The Heavy Metal Kids? Oh, sure, Danny, Ronnie, Keith, Gary and that other guy, what was his name? Those guys rock!

Lady GaGa:
Lady Starlight [New York DJ and artist] introduced me to them; they're a glam-metal group who did this great song [Hey Little Girl]. Glam became a big influence, it's a sub-set of all these things I love: cabaret, burlesque, metal, rock.

Cock Sparrer:
To introduce Cock Sparrer to someone who likes streetrock is the same as introducing Mozart to a classic fanatic. And thanks to the good response of the crowd they are still playing today. The time was '77 and bands like the Sex Pistols didn't even exist. Their sound was influenced by bands like the Small Faces and the Heavy Metal Kids. They put in a good touch of punkrock and this genre, many call Oi! today, was invented.

Rat Scabies, when asked by an Interviewer, 'Rat. I can't get used to calling you Rat but nevermind. What music did you listen to before you started playing it?':
I dunno. There was nothing that I really liked. I used to try and be a musician and appreciate things. I didn't have a natural like, dislike, I just had, erm... You know I used to listen to jazz and things like that. Sort of like the Heavy Metal Kids, bands like that. That was the only band I ever really enjoyed, I think, but the rest of it was just sort of because they were technically good.

Captain Sensible and his pearls of infinite wisdom...
CAP - Sorry guv... I have no recollection of that incident. I DO however have some vivid memories of working with that aimiable luncho Gary Holton and his gloriously obnoxious Heavy Metal Kids on a couple of occasions. Crack open the Cognac barkeep!

Dave Thompson, All Music Guide:
For anybody who is in on the secret, the three albums which the Heavy Metal Kids unleashed between 1974-1977 represent the missing link in the story of Brit-pop, the bridge which links the Small Faces to Oasis, the Action to the Jam, and any other two points you care to mention.

Watford Jon (Argy Bargy), when asked 'What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?:
I've asked the lads about this and it's one of those impossible to answer questions! However we're always happy listening to anything by: Rose Tattoo, Cock Sparrer, Heavy Metal Kids, 4-Skins, The Business, AC/DC, Slaughter & The Dogs, 2-Tone, Trojan, Northern Soul, Motorhead etc. Daryl and Lol like New Model Army but as you can see it's quite a varied selection.

David Tyler (Vicious Kitten, Fun House):
It's still choosy between the first and third discs, as both, though different, are classics in their own right ! The Kids were both great writers and players, who always unified in true rock n roll spirit and addiction for the tune at hand. This five piece mixed the obvious ideas of the Stones, Faces and Slade with honky key shimmering organ sounds against dated 70's guitar licks and tones. Lead by the distinctive and well phrased vocals of the late Gary Holton, cuts such as each side's openers 'Hangin' On' and 'Always Plenty Of Woman' are classic r n r three minute tunes in any time and place!

Jack Black (The Boys), when asked 'Which punk bands did you like around that period?':
I liked the Rezillos and I thought the Ramones were a sensational band. The first time I heard "Denis Denis" by Blondie, which wasn't punk at all, I thought there's a number one. I used to watch the Heavy Metal Kids whose front man Gary Holton used to come on stage in turned down gum boots, black tights, a long black coat and shirt and a big black top hat. He used to appear from behind a huge black umbrella and say "Allo,'ow are ya".

San Francisco punk band Reducers SF:
Mike Crowell: I think we also have our influences from late 70's glam stuff like Slade, and the Heavy Metal Kids, and Chiswick type rock and roll, so that helps round our sound out.

SITN's Batttttty:
I don't remember what I was doing when I heard that JFK had died, but I do remember what I was doing when I heard that Gary Holton had died.

Jon Trzcinski:
"Heavy Metal Kids? Are they dancing with the devil?"

Warren Cann (ULTRAVOX):
The bands I loved to listen to were; The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, The Who, The Kinks, and The Small Faces. (I think the only American bands I ever liked were The Doors and The Velvet Underground.)Later on, as the music scene continued to evolve, it was Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Faces, and Humble Pie, then David Bowie, Roxy Music, Gary Glitter, Marc Bolan, and Slade. The London band I liked the most was The Heavy Metal Kids.

Dennis Wheatley ( no, NOT the writer, the much more interesting HMK fan! ):
This band was brilliant, anybody got their album (MP3)?? I used to have it but it was 'misplaced' years ago. The late Gary Holton (Auf Wiedersehn Pet) was in this band, and from what I remember they really rocked the place.
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